Athletic Development Grenada, “ADG”, started as an idea to promote athletic competitions and growth in Grenada. Co-founders Chapin Paullin, Felix Thomas and Jessica Yousif came together and  made it a reality by helping those in need simply through the progress of sports.

“I learned all about life with a ball at my feet” – Ronaldinho


ADG GRENADA is focused on linking teenagers, with coaches, teachers, leaders, groups, clubs, and ministries throughout the island by helping to organize sport programs in communities to empower those individuals and in turn better their country.

Team ADG is also focused on providing that opportunity for children to participate in sports, as the teenage years are considered the “golden years” for learning. Making connections with youth at an early age allows us to develop a foundation and continue to build connections within the communities.

If we can accomplish these goals within Grenada then we can facilitate the development of the country through sport, while promoting healthy living, public health awareness and overall youth development.

ADG is about charity aimed to better the lives of individuals in Grenada by using sport as a medium of success and advancement away from poverty.