Children who are underprivileged should be able to play without worry of equipment and any needs in participating in sport. Sport should be an avenue to build as an individual while developing the team concept to work together.


  • Sport Camps – give children the opportunity to play soccer, basketball or cricket once a week for fun. ADG provides each Sport Camp with proper equipment, coaches, and refreshments. Children are given the opportunity to learn a sport, make a friend, and gain positive reinforcement in their life.
  • Youth Tournaments – give children the opportunity to grow their talents, meet new children, and travel their country. ADG provides each Youth Tournament with goals, balls, refs, refreshments, medals, trophies and a chance to be on national television.
  • Service Projects give children the chance to give back to their community. ADG focuses on service projects that grow a youth’s love for their community. ADG is always looking for new Service Project ideas. Contact us if you have one.

All programs are facilitated by local coaches and leaders in the community. ADG establishes a system to ensure a professional delivery of Sport coaching and involvement. Help us develop a child’s life for the future, a community to live in and a sport environment to grow within.

“Every kid around the world who plays soccer wants to be Pele. I have a great responsibility to show them not just how to be like a soccer player, but how to be like a man.” – Pele

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