Jason Robert Foundation Summer football camp

Jason Roberts Foundation summer camp welcomed more than 100 children to play football.

Team SBG Foundation partners with ADG

This summer TEAM SBG will work with ADG to organize a basketball camp for children between the ages of 6-16 both male and female.

ADG and USGA 4v4 Football Tournament

ADG collaborated with USGA to host a small goal tournament and fundraiser at St. George’s University.

Fitness Day at Morne Rouge

  Spread the word and get involved! The Fitness Day  is on again at the Morne Rouge playing field, so tell your families to come out and take part in some sport activities and some basic health check-ups. Thanks to the helping hands of IFMSA, SCOPH, SO’s and all the volunteers that will be participating. […]

ADG Grenada collaborates with the Jason Roberts Foundation

ADG Grenada is proud to collaborate with Jason Roberts Foundation to deliver  football for small communities within Grenada.