Sponsor a Team

Sponsor a Team

In communities where ADG Grenada is developing programs, earning a spot on an official team is the biggest hope of many children. These children come to practice but lack the materials and support needed to participate in, and benefit from, our unique programs.

Your donation will provide equipment, food, water, transportation, program materials, and staff support needs for all local leagues, tournaments or developmental programs in Grenada hosted by ADG Grenada.

A donation of $… will sponsor a team for one year, providing equipment, food, water, and transportation.  This is a fun, simple, and effective way that children grow into leaders, both on and off the field. Half-sponsorships and player sponsorships are also much appreciated.

Making sport teams are an ideal way for supporters to engage with youth in Grenada and help them change their lives today while building a better future for their communities tomorrow.

In exchange for sponsoring teams in Grenada, you will be able to:

  • Help make the team of your choice (girls or boys and age group)
  • Help design the team’s logo, name and uniforms
  • Help choose and co-ordinate the teams’ service projects, which will be conducted in your name

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