Donate Equipment

Donate Equipment

Want to donate equipment and/or materials to help develop children’s’ activities in Grenada? 

Children in Grenada often play sports barefoot on untended grounds, and use foreign materials to participate in different sports.  You can help children and programs in Grenada by donating new or lightly used equipment or helping create a equipment drive locally or internationally.


ADG Grenada relies on donated equipment that is new or lightly used. These donations go directly to children in Grenada who play every day without this basic equipment. With your help, ADG Grenada can supply these children with essential items such as footwear, socks, shorts, and shirts. In addition, we can supply teams with sports equipment materials such as pinnies, cones, balls, pumps, needles, bags, water bottles, and first aid supplies. With enough donated equipment, we can start programs in new areas, which include but is not limited to football/soccer, basketball, and cricket, community service, educational support and overall healthy living.

A little bit can go a long way in Grenada, so every donation makes a big difference!

This is a fantastic way to get your community involved in an interactive community service project, by clearing out unused equipment, and make a big difference to our local programs in Grenada. Contact local schools, churches, clubs and organizations and get everyone involved! Contact us for help or more information on donating equipment.

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For example a football program would require:

  1. Soccer equipment for boys and girls of all ages: soccer balls, cleats, socks, shin guards, shorts, uniforms, gloves, goalie apparel, etc.
  2. Sport-related materials: goal nets, bags, cones, corner flags, etc.
  3. New or lightly used gear that is clean and in good condition
  4. Classroom and program materials such as notebooks, pencils, coloring books, etc.
  5. We do not accept:
    1. Dirty, torn, or unusable apparel, gear, equipment, materials, etc.
    2. Clothing unsuitable for sports activities, such as jeans, tank tops, etc.

ADG Grenada will send you a thank you card or email along with photos of our players in Grenada.

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